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money laundering presentation powerpoint

IBA Seminar on preventing abuse of banking system for money laundering - Money Laundering Money laundering generally refers to washing of the proceeds or profits generated from: Drug trafficking People smuggling Arms, | PowerPoint PPT presentation | free to view. Money Laundering is a separate offense which carries additional jail time. Allows for seizure and confiscation of proceeds of crime. Allows law enforcement access to bank . Jul 02,  · Money Laundering Presentation. • Definition: The process of disguising the proceeds of crime in an effort to conceal their illicit origins and legitimize their future use. • Objective: To conceal true ownership and origin of the proceeds, a desire to maintain control, a .

Money Laundering Presentation

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Latest Highest Rated. Lakshmi Arun Assistant Director 2 Have any of you who have not experienced giving bribe directly or indirectly? According to Corruption Perception Index India is in 95th position, where as according to doing business report of the world bank India is in nd position.

The books estimates that corruption has virtually enveloped India growing annually by over percent Source Economic Times Dated December 11, 6 Result. Black Money and its laundering 7 Act of Money Laundering Process by which illegal funds and assets are converted into legitimate funds and assets.

Sell cocaine and get a million dollars. Take the million in cash to the some Islands. Buy a legitimate companycomplete with a board of directors. Open a bank account in the companys name and deposit the rest of the money. Enjoy the islands, get some sun, then go home. When you get home, borrowfrom the Company account and have it delivered via wire transfer. Open a restaurant.

Deposit proceeds from ongoing drug business along with proceeds from the restaurant every month into a legitimate bank account, money laundering presentation powerpoint. Dont add too much illegal money, just enough to make it look as though your restaurant is doing a good, healthy business.

Pay all of your taxes on the restaurant deposits, so the tax authorities dont start an investigation. Referred to Standing committee on finance on The committee submitted its report on The bill was presented in Rajya Sabha on Rajya Sabha referred the bill to Select committee. The committee finalised its report on 24th July, The present act after being passed by both the houses received the assent of the president on 17th January, A financial intelligence unit FIU is a central agency of a government that receives financial information pursuant to country's anti-money laundering laws analyzes and money laundering presentation powerpoint such information and disseminates the information to appropriate national and international authorities, to support anti-money laundering efforts.

Conduct money laundering presentation powerpoint programmes to reinforce the importance of reporting requirements Impose more stringent penalties for money laundering offences.

The definition of money laundering offenses has now expanded to include all serious offenses. Provisional Measures and Confiscation To put in place measures to identify, trace, freeze, or seize and finally to confiscate the illegal proceeds.

Customer due diligence To impose duties on financial institutions to know their customers and to abolish the use of anonymous accounts. Record keeping Financial institutions to keep records on all money laundering presentation powerpoint transactions that they conduct.

Suspicious transactions reporting Financial institutions to report all transactions that raise their suspicion, without alerting the clients. Internal controls Financial institutions adopt internal mechanisms that allow them to comply with the regulatory requirements. Implementation Money laundering presentation powerpoint create regulatory money laundering presentation powerpoint supervisory agencies that are capable of implementing the international standards set by the Recommendations.

International cooperation To put in place a system that allows it to cooperate with other countries on all aspects of law enforcement including exchange of information, preservation and confiscation of assets and extradition. The primary target respondents of the survey were senior and mid management members from Compliance, Audit, Risk Management and AML departments. The respondents were also senior management members from the business and operation functions.

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Many of them are also animated. PowerPoint PPT presentation free to view. BB Website, Wikipedia, and other internet sources Money Off-shore banking business For those who are not familiar about money laundering can get the knowledge here.

Global Anti money Laundering Software Market Report - Anti-money laundering software is software used in the finance and legal industries to meet the legal requirements for financial institutions and other regulated entities to prevent or report money laundering activities. There are four basic types of software that address anti-money laundering: transaction monitoring systems, currency transaction reporting CTR systems, money laundering presentation powerpoint, customer identity management systems and compliance management software.

Follow the Money? Human Trafficking -- uncompensated exploitation Anti-Human Trafficking International banking systems are facing increased money laundering threats and hence major commercial banks worldwide are updating their transaction monitoring systems, which shall assist them in suspicious transaction monitoring on a real-time basis. This is expected to drive the growth of transaction monitoring money laundering presentation powerpoint within the global anti-money laundering software industry.

Criminal justice issues: International cooperation Proposals for a National Strategy. Dev Bikoo. International Convention for the Suppression of the Financing of. The third anti-money laundering directive: Timetable Administration Of Justice, money laundering presentation powerpoint, Financing and Money Laundering of Terrorism - Financing and Money Laundering of Terrorism Instructor s Comment: A thorough research of the related background information and issues, and an interesting and bold Challenges in dealing with Fraud, Corruption and Money Laundering.

IBA Seminar on preventing abuse of banking system for money laundering - Money Laundering Money laundering generally refers to washing of the proceeds or profits generated from: Drug trafficking People smuggling Arms, Antigua and Barbuda has therefore made provision for non-conviction based Forfeiture of proceeds of crime Do you have PowerPoint slides to share? It's FREE!


Money laundering


money laundering presentation powerpoint


What is Money Laundering? • Any act or attempted act to disguise the source of money or assets derived from criminal activity. • The act of transforming dirty money into clean money. • Concealing or converting property or its proceeds, knowing or believing the property was derived from the commission of an offense (“Predicate offence”). Money Laundering PPT template can easily be edited according to user requirement. Many a time professional need template color theme to match their business theme, with Money Laundering PPT template you can easily change color theme in slides master and same theme will reflect on all slides. For adding content to Money Laundering PPT. Money Laundering is the process by which illegal funds and assets are converted into legitimate funds and assets. Placement: Illegal funds or assets are first brought into the financial system Layering: Use of multiple accounts, banks, intermediaries, corporations, trusts, countries to disguise the origin.